End Of The Year Case Studies – How Marketers Got It Right In 2022

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Everything that we have accomplished in our careers, social, and personal lives have been paved by great people who came before us. So, as marketers, SME owners and brand managers let’s see how our peers in the industry have taken how we do things to the next the level.

How To Get Started With Marketing Automation

The modern marketer knows that they have to make use of multiple methods and strategies to successfully market their brand. We use data and analytics to make smart choices and gain insights into what our customers are doing and how and why they are doing it. We optimise our website experience, making sure those who need us find us, and we convert those with a strong interest in our brand and products into loyal customers who keep coming back. We personalise our content so that our customers truly find value. And we run digital campaigns to get the word out on what we are doing for our customers so they can experience all we have to offer.

What Do The Changes To The Adobe Suite Mean For Marketers?

In 2011 the minds behind Figma had a vision, that companies would redesign the way that they design. Now, the all-in-one design platform has succeeded in building design tools right into the web and has paved the way for real time collaboration and sped up workflows for the design of user interfaces, websites and mobile apps.