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What Does The Impact Of 4IR On The Workplace Mean For Marketing?

The first person to live up to age 1000 is likely to be alive today. As a human being living in this wonderful world full of progress and opportunity that is an amazing sentence to read. But as a marketer trying to do the best for your brand and your audience what does that sentence have to do with you?

Employee Newsletter Tips Part 4

To let employees know they’re appreciated, CEOs should write a note to them. Once in a while, surprise your readers with a note from the big boss. It doesn’t have to be a weekly or even monthly feature.

Employee Newsletter Tips Part 3

There’s a good chance you’ve got some incredible teams at your company. By including a newsletter feature, you can recognize their hard work. Do a team spotlight piece in your newsletter to highlight exciting projects, wrap-ups, awards, and more.

Employee Newsletter Tips Part 2

Your employee newsletter should include extra special events that employees can look forward to. You can offer special retreats, holiday parties, guest speakers, etc., that will excite and inspire your employees. Organize your newsletter in a simple calendar format so they can easily find it.

Purpose statement

So many marketers focus on execution of the strategy without realising that the strategy itself and the driver behind that strategy is what your customer will ultimately relate to. Like it or not – you don’t control what your customers think of your brand, but you can influence that feeling with your branding and marketing actions. But where to begin? That’s easy – DEFINE YOUR BRAND’S PURPOSE STATEMENT. Check out our blog for how!

5 ways to leverage psychology in digital marketing

As a marketer, you need to know how to reach your audience. What makes them tick is an important insight to you so that you can connect with them and build that brand loyalty. Being aware of digital psychology and how certain choices you make as a brand can influence your customers’ choices, is an important tool in your brand development kit. Learn about the social proof, reciprocity, scarcity and more in today’s article!