Employee Newsletter Tips Part 4

The following is a four-part series on exciting ideas for your internal newsletter. This is our final article on ideas for internal newsletters. Ideas 15 are waiting for you in previous posts, n Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3! Let’s wrap this up with our final five ideas so you can get started on that newsletter of yours!

1. Motivational Note from CEO

To let employees know they’re appreciated, CEOs should write a note to them. Once in a while, surprise your readers with a note from the big boss. It doesn’t have to be a weekly or even monthly feature.

2. Training Resources

Make sure employees are aware of your training resources if you have a large collection. It’s easy to forget your digital training file during the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work. Be sure to inform your employees about other industry-related training opportunities (both free and paid).

3. Behind-the-Scenes

It is often said that workplaces are like beehives. Often, workers are too busy with their duties to socialize or meet with other workers. Provide other departments with an insight into how certain departments operate. A simple photo collage or a recorded video interview with department heads and workers can be used. Demonstrate how the company is run by being creative!

4. Industry-Related-News

Keep your employees informed about industry developments. Make it easy for them to keep up by sharing trade publication articles, blogs, and podcast links.

5. Advice Column

Every time you publish, you can definitely have fun with this feature. Consider creating fictitious problems and coming up with creative solutions to get your employees laughing. Or, take notes of common questions asked during staff meetings and have the department head address the issue in a future advice column.

And there you have it – 20 Rockstar ideas that will bring your team, and even your company, together over a shared experience of an internal newsletter!

4 Part Series

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