Employee Newsletter Tips Part 3

The following is a four-part series on exciting ideas for your internal newsletter. In just 4 weeks, you can become a rockstar. Be sure to view our previous articles Part 1 & Part 2.

1. Team Spotlight

There’s a good chance you’ve got some incredible teams at your company. By including a newsletter feature, you can recognise their hard work. Do a team spotlight piece in your newsletter to highlight exciting projects, wrap-ups, awards, and more.

2. Surveys

Each of your newsletters should include a link to an employee survey for quick feedback. The quickest way to get feedback is to use this form. It can be used for anything from onboarding, to cafeteria food, recent department training or wellness challenges. Both you and your employees can benefit from this. When you really need responses and want to make sure employees participate, get a gift card to raffle off a gift – this will ensure prompt feedback!

3. Inspirational Content

Feeling inspired is goes a long way for an employee who works hard for a company they believe in. Each time your employees open your newsletter, and are treated to inspirational content, they will know you appreciate them and their well-being. You can motivate them to do their best by including positive quotes, pictures, and stories.

4. Referral Programs

Set up a referral bonus program and regularly remind your employees about the benefits of it. Whenever your team or a different team in your company is in need of an extra hand, either permanently or temporarily, using a talent pool you already trust, is a great place to find new hires quickly. It’s a way for your existing employees to feel they have a stake in the business by contributing to it running smoothly, and the new hires will be able to acclimate and feel more comfortable more quickly if they know and trust someone who already works for the organisation.

5. Financial Reports

Keep your employees informed by sharing financial reports. Transparency indicates a commitment to leadership, which leads to more trust. Encourage participation in financial or budget meetings when it makes sense for feedback purposes.

You’ve made it this far! Just one more instalment of our series to go. Look out for the 4th and final part of your Rockstar Level internal newsletter ideas next week.

4 Part Series:

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