5 Google Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Which tech tools can marketers absolutely not live without?

There are so many platforms and a variety of different types of software and apps available to help marketers do their best to connect with our audience and get our brand name out there. Many times, a single company will make a suite of products that all complement each other and are easily available and even easier to use.

One such company is Google. Not just a search engine this company is committed to organising the world’s information to make it easily accessible and useful. Google offers free tools that every marketer needs in their back pocket. Let’s check out our top 5!

1. Keyword Planner

We don’t need to tell marketers the importance of keywords. Terms that you audience use in their everyday lives that will lead them to finding your brand, your content, your products and your services. As a marketer, brand manager or SME owner you need to know what they are and how to use them to connect with your audience. You also need to be aware of the keywords your competition or brands and companies similar to you are using because this will influence your strategy and marketing budget. This tool will help you discover new keywords and forecast cost and performance of potential campaigns you could run using those keywords.

2. Google Alerts

Knowledge is power, so marketers must always be in the know when it comes to their brand and their industry. Google Alerts gives you the information you need when you need it. You simply input keywords or terms and decide how often you want alerts. Google will send you an email with a summary of all the news, blogs, or web-stories from any region relating to that search time. You can also put your own brand or competitor so that you know exactly what people are saying about you. It’s a great way to have your ear to the ground and really connect with the questions and needs of our audience right now. It gives immediacy and intent to crisis communication as well as behind the curtain insights on how to efficiently manage customer care.

3. Digital Garage

A garage can be a significant symbol in the lives of many people. We think of the story of how some of the biggest brands today started in a garage. If you’ve got a beloved elder they’ll have a garage or a store-room full of memories and treasures. So, it’s fitting that Google has named their education platform Digital Garage. Here you can find courses on the most in-demand skills needed in today’s modern workforce. Courses fall under three categories: digital marketing, data, and career development. Exploring topics like networking, productivity and even wellbeing. You can browse by course length, difficulty and certification. A wealth of knowledge is waiting!

4. Public Data Explorer

Understanding data is important because it helps us create new solutions for the everyday problems we face. And as marketers we must make sure our brand, our products, and our services give our audiences the solutions that they need. That’s why Google created Public Data Explorer which allows users to pull data sets from some of the most reputable sources around the world, including global organisations and academic institutions. The data sets are presented in interactive visualisations and can help us get a better understanding of our community, our industry and the people who need us. You can also publish your own data sets which can be added to Google’s public data directory and can be embedded in your website, give your audience the opportunity to engage with it.

5. Search Console

This one is an essential tool for monitoring your website performance for your SEO strategy. Google has a few SEO and reporting tools an assortment of which can be found through Search Console. You’ll get insight from Google regarding your site’s search engine performance meaning keeping an eye on how well you’re doing and adjusting accordingly just got a lot more efficient. Other features include optimisation of your visibility and monitoring your indexing status – all free and without sign up. If you do sign up, however, there are many different tools and strategies available to help you understand how Google views your site and optimise its performance in search results.

Google has been a household name for decades and the company has a passion for information and knowledge. So the development of these tools can only help us achieve success in our marketing goals and business strategies.

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