Avoiding Obsolescence In A Rapidly Changing World

The struggle between choosing comfort and pursuing growth is deeply ingrained in human psychology and reflects the tension between security and the inherent human drive for progress. This conflict can be attributed to several factors.

Case Study: Nike “Dream Crazy” And How It Inspired Change

The Nike “Dream Crazy” campaign is expected to have a lasting impact on the marketing industry by showing that brands can be agents of change. It highlights the potential for companies to tackle complex issues, authentically engage with their audience, and contribute to important social causes.

Empathetic Marketing: Erikson’s Insight on Self-Knowledge and Consumer Patience

Erik Erikson, a giant in developmental psychology, shed light on the intricate process of forming identity. In the context of marketing, his thoughts on self-knowledge and patience resonate deeply. Marketers must embark on a journey of understanding their brand’s core identity to effectively relate to and be patient with their customers’ evolving needs.