Case Studies

Case Study: Nike “Dream Crazy” And How It Inspired Change

The Nike “Dream Crazy” campaign is expected to have a lasting impact on the marketing industry by showing that brands can be agents of change. It highlights the potential for companies to tackle complex issues, authentically engage with their audience, and contribute to important social causes.

Case Study: Cadbury “Good Luck Girls” Campaign

The Cadbury “Good Luck Girls” campaign was a resounding success, achieving its goals of raising awareness about the gender disparity in education while maintaining Cadbury’s brand values of joy and inclusivity. The campaign’s success can be attributed to its powerful storytelling, strategic partnerships, and multi-platform engagement.

Case Study: TAG Heuer Carrera 6Oth Anniversary

As a brand that has been cherished by a certain type of audience, and coveted by all the rest, how do make an impact after 60 years of what most will call “perfection”? If you’re a luxury watch brand famous for elegance and class, you hire the storytellers behind John Wick, of course!

Case Study: H&M And Their Sustainability Initiatives

Today’s consumer wants to connect with brands who have the same values. Authenticity, a personal touch and sustainability are on the minds of all of our audiences. How did H&M take this information and integrate it into their value proposition.