Let’s show you how to define a purpose statement for your brand

So many marketers focus on execution of the strategy without realising that the strategy itself and the driver behind that strategy is what your customer will ultimately relate to. Like it or not – you don’t control what your customers think of your brand, but you can influence that feeling with your branding and marketing actions. But where to begin? That’s easy – DEFINE YOUR BRAND’S PURPOSE STATEMENT. Check out our blog for how!

5 ways to leverage psychology in digital marketing

As a marketer, you need to know how to reach your audience. What makes them tick is an important insight to you so that you can connect with them and build that brand loyalty. Being aware of digital psychology and how certain choices you make as a brand can influence your customers’ choices, is an important tool in your brand development kit. Learn about the social proof, reciprocity, scarcity and more in today’s article!

How to do business with Nucleus

A common and effective method of doing business today is Bank-to-Bank. We are all familiar with this method as we use these transfers in business and every day. Nucleus have enabled payments in four major currencies: USD, GBP, EUR and ZAR.  This enables both our local and global clients to simply and easily transact with us. Should any of our clients require specific currencies, we accept these requests and will work to accommodate them. 

Joined forces

Nucleus joins forces with a passionate marketing agency for a level-up merger. It requires humility and wisdom to look to the future and understand that teamwork is the only way our combined success will be attained. With our keen business senses and great optimism for the future Nucleus sought out a fellow marketing agency, with the same passion for taking brands to the next level, to join forces with us under Nucleus Vision Digital and Design Legends.