A Case Study That Made The Tough Of A Bad Situation

Humans worldwide have learned a lot from the global pandemic. The time where we all had to keep our distance and self-isolate for the safety of everyone won’t soon be forgotten and neither will the the lessons we learned about health and safety. Successful marketing campaigns during this time are a little more special as they showcase the ability of marketers to adapt to their environment by picking up on what exactly the public needs and delivering. Let’s see how Budweiser did just that.


Beer brand Budweiser known for their “Wazzup” commercial wouldn’t be the first rand that comes to mind when thinking of heart-warming campaigns, but their “Reunited with Buds” campaign brought friends together during a time they needed it most.


After what the world had experienced Budweiser wanted to pivot. Everyone wanted to re-unite and missed socialising with friends, and the brand wanted to be the facilitator of those moments. With a renewed vision and a mission to be perceived as a brand that brings people together, and supports local communities and small businesses that were impacted by the pandemic, they wanted to tell their target audience, beer drinkers between the ages of 21 and 35 about their new objectives and invite people to experience the brand in a whole new way.


The campaign was centred around a heart-warming video ad that showcased real-life reunions between friends who had been separated for months due to the pandemic. The ad highlighted the joy and excitement of being reunited with friends over a cold Budweiser beer. The campaign also included social media content, digital ads, and a sweepstakes that offered consumers the chance to win a reunion with their friends at a local bar or restaurant.

To support small businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic, Budweiser also partnered with the National Restaurant Association and launched a fund to provide financial support to local bars and restaurants.


The “Reunited with Buds” campaign generated over 50 million views on social media.

Budweiser’s sales increased by 2.7% during the campaign period. The campaign successfully positioned Budweiser as a brand that brings people together and earned them goodwill from consumers.

The partnership with the National Restaurant Association helped support small businesses and earned Budweiser praise for their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Lessons Learned: Budweiser’s “Reunited with Buds” campaign was successful for several reasons:

It tapped into the emotional impact of the pandemic and offered a sense of hope and connection to consumers.

It leveraged social media to reach a wider audience and generate buzz.
It supported a good cause and earned Budweiser goodwill from consumers.
It reinforced Budweiser’s brand values of friendship and togetherness.

Overall, Budweiser’s “Reunited with Buds” campaign was a great example of a successful marketing campaign that achieved its objectives, generated buzz, and supported a good cause during a challenging time.

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