Say Goodbye To Camera Shy With AI Created Digital Presenters

As a marketer, brand manager or SME owner you know that video content where experts speak about advancements in their field, industry news, or simply what excites them about their job, are among the top performing engagement content. We all work with those experts and some of us ARE those experts. However, when the camera gets turned on, the charm, charisma, and infectious real-life excitement seems to drain away.

AI Image Generation Update: New Tech Gets Newer

Technology is progressing at a rapid rate! Just over a month ago we published a story called: Should Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Image Generation. We told you who the leader in advancing this technology is, and a few other companies who are trying their hand at it too. Now, a new player has entered game, but with a new perspective.

Content Marketing: It Worked For Them, It Can Work For You

If you’re a seasoned professional, sometimes certain terms can throw you for a loop. As the younger generation is introduced to our workforce, we see a resurgence of old ideas repackaged for a new generation, or an old generation that has access to new technologies.

Audience Profiler: How To Define Your Target Market

You have an amazing product or service and there are people out there who need it and are waiting to buy it from you. But they’re not going to find you. You have to find them. That’s why you have to know WHO your audience is, in order for you to find them.