5 Future Technologies That Could Become A Part Of Our Daily Lives

Previous articles have had us explore 3D printing, AI generated imagery, and last month we briefly touched on a summary of AI tools that marketers can supplement their strategies with. In addition to these two future technologies what other advancements will change our world?

Artificial Intelligence
Carrying out tasks, making decisions and predicting future outcomes are human traits that we learn sometimes without being taught. We all assume machines are better at these than we are, but it has been a long road to teach machines how to act intelligently. The ability of machines to learn these human skills is called Artificial Intelligence.

Based on your experience and a friend’s preferences it’s easy for all of us to recommend music, food or music. But for Netflix, Spotify, or Google to do it has taken decades of innovation but is finally a part of everyday life. Though security checks for fraudulent credit card purchases, dating apps, fitness trackers are driven by AI, it’s still unlikely that we can teach machines our uniquely human traits like creativity, empathy, and critical thinking.

Many diseases have broken hearts and families throughout human history, but thanks to advancements in genomics the DNA mutations that cause serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer can be corrected.

While big changes for humans are a long way away the technology is on the frontier of promising advancements for farming and agriculture. When used in plants gene editing can affect characteristics like the number of leaves and the colouring, and creative solutions can result in greater crop yields and healthier livestock meaning the status of the global food supply can see significant gain.

Wearable Technology
There are many ways to improve our physical and mental health and including technology into that routine and strategy can mean exponential success. Fitness trackers the size of wrist watches are part of the everyday for many but that’s not where wearable technology ends. The prevalence of smart clothing is also on the rise with the possibility of tech being sewn right into the fabric. Smart shoes are also being developed to monitor and offer suggestions on correcting gait and performance, among other things.

Wearable tech is more than just an additional insight, it can offer an upgraded replacement for those who have lost certain abilities. With the increased strides made in robotic prosthetics and even smart eyeglasses and contact lenses the idea of upgrading your own body, like you would a vehicle, might become a reality.

Extended Reality
Immersive digital experience is the name of the game, especially in marketing. We want to surround our audience with our brand and make them feel like they are living in a world that we created for them. Advancements in virtual reality, augmented reality, and the implied applications like metaverses and 3D environments all fall under the umbrella of Extended Reality (XR).

To get a full XR experience additional devices are often needed and this is where advancements become really exciting. As tech gets smaller and smarter it is said that it will become more accessible. Devices that might have been too cumbersome, uncomfortable or expensive and the companies who manufacture and distribute them will be making some drastic changes as the technology advances. Meaning more people can engage in experiences that where otherwise out of reach to them.

3D Printing
As a marketer we all know that our audience craves personalisation. 3D printing is one of the technologies that can make mass personalisation more accessible. Also called additive manufacturing, it’s a process that creating a 3D object from a digital file by building it layer by layer. The tech itself may see quite analogue but it has big implications for the future.

It has the potential to integrate itself into every other industry becoming an essential element of many of the tech advancements we come to rely on. Because 3D printing at its core is manufacturing, it’s one of the industries that really power economies across the globe. It has the power to change that industry for the better and, as a domino effect, many other industries that rely on safe, efficient manufacturing processes and practices. Though we are talking about the exciting advancements in each of these fields, the road ahead will be a bumpy one. Since they offer a completely new way of interacting with the world, with them must come a complete new set of rules. Regulations around how to use these advancements without taking advantage of anyone or any industry are in the process are being discussed and put into practice. We are building the future.

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