A six-check acquisition

After systematic review of many agencies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and major players, we found our target company in The Agency Plugin (TAP). In software plugins are add-ons or extensions that add new and enhanced functionality to the host program. This design agency with a strong focus on speed and accuracy performed exactly that function, boosting their clients to the next level. TAP was the golden Six-Check-Formula.

Here come the Heroes

Wonder Woman builds your foundation with strategy and brand DNA. Wanda guides our way with operations and project management. Captain Marvel is your point of contact, managing your account and our journey. Joker is a master of design, creating graphics and images out of our strategy and brainstorming sessions. Hawkeye puts your message out there, sending your words to the social media world. And Dr. Strange portals us into the future with business development and continuity.

Top 2022 digital trends in marketing

OK marketers! How many things do you have on your list to do today? Trust us, reading this list of 13 Digital Marketing Trends you should know MUST be one of them. Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and SME Owners need to be completely in sync with how our customers communicate with each other, so that we know how to tailor our marketing to communicate with them.