Global Marketing Basics: The Importance Of An International Perspective On Marketing

Just a handful of decades ago international travel was new and wonderous, bringing with it obstacles and inconveniences that required intensive planning – remember traveller’s cheques and international calling cards for pay phones? Today, thanks to the advancements in the travel and almost all other industries, (thank you banks and cell phones) international travel is now much simpler.

Case Study: Colgate And Massive Music Create A Sonic Brand Identity

The Colgate Sonic Identity Campaign is poised to have a lasting impact on the marketing industry. Sonic branding is gaining traction as an essential element of brand identity, especially in a digital world where audio content consumption is on the rise. This campaign demonstrates the potential of sonic elements to reinforce brand recognition, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall brand experience.

How Can “Living Concrete” (And Other Future Tech) Benefit Marketers?

As marketers, brand managers and SME owners we must always act with our audience in mind. Yes, we have unique customer profiles detailing the specific pain points and motivations of all different types of customers that can come into contact with our brand, but as Gen Z enter the workforce and their buying power increases we need to pay special attention to what they are passionate about as a whole.