Enjoy, It’s Beautiful – Subverting Expectations With KFC, Spain

A keyword in the marketing industry is authenticity. More and more we embracing the idea that not everything has to be perfect and polished. KFC embodied this realisation with the help of PS21, an independent creative company based in Spain. PS21 believes that, to make ideas that change everything, putting creativity at the center of all you do is key. That’s why, according to them, they don’t do advertising, they use the transformative power of creativity to evolve society.

Elements Of A Marketing Strategy: KPIs

As marketers, SME owners or brand managers we do a lot. And most of what we do is for our customer. We want to share our brand message with them, educate them on our products and services and add value to their lives through creating an authentic connection with them. Of course we all have creative ideas on how to achieve this, but how do we know if those ideas are working? We implement Key Performance Indicators.

The Pillars Of Your Marketing Toolkit

The specific marketing tools marketers, brand managers and SME owners will find useful will depend on the strategy and goals of the company and the brand. But having a broad understanding of all the tools available will help us focus in on what we want to achieve and how to do so. At its core the efficient marketing strategy entails creating content, publishing content to various platforms, promoting that content so that as much of our audience as possible will get to see it and then analysing the effectiveness of those efforts.

Un-Tech Trends – How Progress Has Come Full Circle

Certain technology and devices are so much a part of our daily lives that we almost forget that we survived without it. As we discussed in our article about the multi-generational workforce almost everyone in any industry has lived through big changes in how we do things. We all fondly tell the younger generation “back in my day”, but an emerging trend in tech means that they’ll most likely get to experience that for themselves.