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“People don’t understand NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto today the same way they didn’t understand online shopping in the 1995” ― Anuj Jasani. Now let that just sink in for a bit.

Is it really happening? There is a lot of talk around the concept. Blockchain and crypto like Bitcoin has been with us for some time. Recently NFTs joined the ride and with Facebook rebranding as Meta one can think that its happening.  BUT IS IT REALLY HAPPENING?… Let me tell you this. IT IS. And its happening FAST. But don’t take my word for it, let me show you.

This latest report from McKinseys’ bottom-up view of consumer and enterprise use cases suggests it may generate up to $5 trillion in impact by 2030—that is equivalent to the size of the world’s third-largest economy today, Japan. Last year venture capital and private-equity funding into the metaverse reached $13 billion. This year investments more that doubled to just under $120 billion.

The metaverse is still being defined, both literally and figuratively. Yet its potential to unleash the next wave of digital disruption seems increasingly clear, with real-life benefits already emerging for early adopting users and companies.

  • Global Google searches for metaverse” skyrocketed last year,
  • and metaverse online gaming platform Roblox reportedly hit over 55 million daily active users this February 2022.
  • Currently the daily trading volume of NFTs at its peak was $250 million
  • Metaverse real estate sales has surpassed $500 million
  • Meta committed more than $10 billion into its Reality Labs division, which makes metaverse-related hardware such as VR goggles.
  • And Microsoft said its planned a $69 billion acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard who would “provide building blocks for the metaverse.”

We have now established its happening, and we grasp that its something big and significant to the way of life going forward. But what is the Metaverse exactly, if it cannot yet be defined? We understand that it can be overwhelming. Therefore we have prepared a presentation that can support your team to level up a bit for this new world. Contact us and schedule this online workshop and get yourself educated.

Final note to marketer, brand manager or owner

Trying to define exactly what the metaverse is now is like trying to say what the internet was in the 90s. You can play games, but you can also have work meetings and you use your own digital identity and It coexists with the real world, and you can see this as an evolution of the internet. But you can start by getting educated to move along with its growth, so when the right time comes you are fully prepared. Book a session with us today!


*All our videos are under 4 mins

Get educated with the Metaverse, an introduction for your team.

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