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Selling Requires Internal Collaboration

Designed for digital selling success, Smarketing (sales + marketing) brings together sales and marketing. The collaboration between sales and marketing is crucial to the development of digital assets (videos, articles, whitepapers, case studies, research, messaging templates, etc.) for social selling. Marketing and sales need to measure target customer engagement from the digital assets so they can reassess how to best engage them.

The importance of digital selling is only going to grow. With data and customer profiling combined with buying insights, digital assets can be used to improve prospect and customer targeting. Identifying the fundamentals of social and digital selling success is the first step toward selling products online. Develop a clear understanding of these three essential elements before you start brainstorming and developing your next digital strategy:

1. Make buying easier

In order to make the buying process more seamless, every business must strive to achieve this goal. Fast, really efficient transactions and interactions.

2. Optimize Your Online Sales Funnel

Digital sellers and marketers use the term sales funnel to describe the journey of a consumer from the moment they are introduced to a brand until they make a purchase. In order to execute a successful digital selling strategy, you must understand your brand’s online sales funnel, as this will provide insights into how your ideal customers make decisions. Prospects must be engaged, converted into customers, sold, and produced loyal repeat customers in order to move through your sales funnel.

3. Always be on

You have to always be available. The conversations have to be really quick and really relevant. Otherwise, you are going to lose somebody’s attention. For example, have AI chatbots that can answer basic questions, and if not resolved, directs the message to your phone.

5. Create Content That Spans the Online Sales Funnel

Content is key to developing a successful digital selling strategy for your service or product. You can’t get consumers excited about your product or service with cheesy sales-like content. Their focus is on actionable information about what your brand can do to improve their lifestyle. You can paint a picture of how prospects can relate to your brand using high-quality content that tells your brand’s story.
Online webinars and events
Case studies and testimonials
Email marketing tactics
Social media content

5. Utilise Data and Analytics to Optimise Your Digital Selling Performance

Marketers and sellers are experiencing a massive shift in how they interpret their target audience’s online behaviour. People can gain more insight into brand engagement and prospects’ needs now that more data is available from platforms such as Google Analytics and social media platforms with “business” profiles.

6. Ask for referrals

If you have clients, it’s a great start to ask for referrals.

7. Offer upgrade incentives to existing customers.

Final note to marketers, brand managers and owners

“Never sell with the goal of getting the money, sell with the intention of solving the problem or making the prospect’s pain go away.” -Zhelinrentice Scott. We’ve all heard advice that’s helped us become more productive, connect with more prospects, or win more business. If you had to give one piece of advice, what would it be?


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