Putting People First – How Kallidus Helped McDonald’s Inspire Future Leaders

Kallidus is a UK based software development company. They offer a suite of HR and L&D software that supports the entire employee lifecycle. People success is at the heart of everything they do.

This case study from August last year appears on their website.

Needing no introduction McDonald’s is a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar company. They have reached success worldwide but know enough not to rest on their laurels. They launched their “Experience The Future” programme with the goal of teaching leadership skills to new shift managers across the UK.

Tech-savvy first time managers, aged 18-24 need to be inspired. To win the hearts and minds of these future leaders the company, Kallidus, had to deliver more than just an e-learning training programme. Past similar initiatives had been poorly received and this new attempt would need three highly immersive, multi-media rich e-learning modules that would succeed in driving improvements in customer service and employee retention.

Kallidus developed a course which simulates a day in the life of a new shift manager at McDonald’s. Video, audio and photography all taken at McDonald’s restaurants combined with animated 3D characters, developed using Adobe Fuse immerses the learner in the highly authentic setting of their own world.

“Learners practice new skills and receive constructive feedback to help them understand how to run a more productive and efficient restaurant.”

The design was immensely successful and the innovative e-learning design of the course resulted in a number of significant benefits:

Customer satisfaction and the quality of food/drink increased by 3%
Speed of service increased by 4%
Crew turnover and shift manager turnover decreased by 4% and 1% respectively
Knowledge of shift leadership increased from 42% to 85%
88% of new shift managers feel more confident in their role having completed the course
87% of learners expect to apply over 75% of the programme to their job

Read the full case study and others like it on: kallidus.com

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