Jumpstart Your Brand And Your Content With AI Tools

At Nucleus Vision we use insights and data to help build your brand and your strategy for marketing that brand. The pillars of marketing will always be constant. Yes, there are new and exciting tech tools to help make marketing more creative and interactive, but we use these tools to build on the basics.

The advances in AI are astounding, but these are still early days and the most important issue around the use of these tools is copyright. Not copywriting – an important element of marketing – but copyright – protection of the ownership of what is created. Is content made by AI your intellectual property? And if not, is it safe to use it in your content marketing strategy, on your website or as a core element of your brand identity?

Yes, there are AI logo makers and branding platforms, but should we rely solely on those to create the core of our brands?

AI is taught how to create by showing it other creations, this means that an element of the output of your prompt can be content that is protected by copyright and there is also the possibility that this element is repeated in similar prompts. So, if we use an AI to generate our logo, chances are that a different brand could have similar elements.

While the legal world deliberates on the ethical use of AI generated content marketers, brand managers and SME owners are protecting themselves by using these tools in a smarter way – as a trampoline only. When using a machine to do work, we rely on getting the exact same result every time. With technical work this is necessary, but not so with creative work. Some view it as a flaw in humans, that we cannot generate the exact same results multiple times. But when we trust an agency to design our logo, brand identity and marketing strategy, we want what is created to be completely unique and unlike any work previously done.

AI might be efficient, but real-life humans have a nuance that machines have not learned, yet.

So, we can input prompts into AI generation tools and then use those results as a resource. They are a starting point, just the beginning of the creative journey. And they can be used in much more than just the look and feel of your brand. They can assist you with your marketing tactics as well.

Content marketing is when you embed your marketing message in informative and entertaining content that your audience can relate to. After the groundwork of building your brand and finding the audience who most need to hear your message, we help you figure out what type of content is the best vehicle for your communication. Be it blogs, video, email marketing or social media – all of which have AI tools to help you jumpstart your strategy. Here are some AI tools that can add value to brand development and creative content marketing:

MidJourney — A proprietary artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions (prompts).

Moonbeam — A writing assistant specifically trained to help write long form content.

Synthesia — A video creation platform that creates videos from plain text.

Looka — Design and inspiration for brand logos, style, identity and marketing.

Namelix — Generates short, branded names that are relevant to your business idea unlike other widgets that simply combine dictionary words to make longer names.

Luminar — Photo editing software works as a standalone application and as a plugin for Adobe and Apple products.

But remember to supplement these tools with creative people who understand your brand and know the language that your audience responds to. These AI are tools can save marketers, brand managers and SME owners valuable time in the brainstorming process, but that human touch to finish off the content is important to today’s audience who are seeking authenticity and valuable connections.

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