Heinz Combats Ketchup Fraud With Label Of Truth

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One of the greatest debates the across the world is which brand of ketchup is the best. There are many different brands that make the tomato sauce condiment and one of the most loved, Heinz, continues to make its mark. They ran parallel campaigns in the US and Turkey both tying back to the brand’s motto, slogan and really the core of their identity: “It Has To Be Heinz”. 

Henry John Heinz was the son of a German immigrant to the United States. He founded Heinz in 1876 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after playing around in the kitchen with his mother, adapting the Chinese sauce Cat Sup into the signature Heinz recipe we know and love today. 

In 2023 Heinz teamed up with Canadian agency Rethink and Wunderman Thompson Turkey, respectively to create branches of the same campaign tree (other agencies that assisted with media and PR include Starcom’s Publicis 57 and Zeno).


Heinz is a brand that is on the higher-end range, so eateries all over the world will have a Heinz branded bottle on their table, but we all know that it’s not always Heinz that’s inside the bottle! 

Rumour has it the campaign was inspired by a SnapChat post where an ordinary citizen recorded a restaurant worker filling a Heinz ketchup bottle with non-Heinz tomato sauce. This prompted Heinz to take to social media asking the world to report “Ketchup Fraud”. The response was immediate and immense. People tagged eateries on social media and submitted information via the Heinz website. In Heinz’s own words: 

“We didn’t tell restaurants it had to be Heinz, the world did”

At around the same time “Label Of Truth” was rolling out in Turkey. This campaign, also aiming to combat “Ketchup Fraud” saw Heinz release a new type of label that helps ketchup-lovers identify counterfeit ketchup. Part of the Heinz brand is that their ketchup is always in a clear bottle this way customers can see the purity. The idea was to identify the exact colour of their signature sauce and added that colour to their labels, so, if what’s inside didn’t match the label perfectly that’s Ketchup Fraud!

And for older bottles without the new label Heinz introduced an Instagram filter called “Is That Heinz?” Simply pull it up on your device and check the colour of the sauce against the colour of the label.


No surprise, it worked! 

Ketchup Fraud saw:

91.5% Positive Sentiment, and
128x Benchmark Engagement Rate
33 locations officially adding Heinz to their stock within one month
One of America’s biggest sports stadiums, Fenway Park, officially serving exclusively Heinz ketchup

Label of Truth saw:

100k Organic Shares
800K Likes on TikTok
2K+ Tweets
97% of consumers able to discern real Heinz ketchup from imitations
73% decrease in non-Heinz ketchup refills
24% increase in Heinz ketchup usage in street food restaurants.

Heinz is over 120 years old and the brand continues to find ways to stay relevant. This is how you keep your brand from fading away into a nostalgic relic. This is how you ensure your legacy.

Watch the campaign videos: 

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