How To Get Started With Marketing Automation

The modern marketer knows that they have to make use of multiple methods and strategies to successfully market their brand. We use data and analytics to make smart choices and gain insights into what our customers are doing and how and why they are doing it. We optimise our website experience, making sure those who need us find us, and we convert those with a strong interest in our brand and products into loyal customers who keep coming back. We personalise our content so that our customers truly find value. And we run digital campaigns to get the word out on what we are doing for our customers so they can experience all we have to offer.

But how do you keep track of all of these processes and make sure all your teams are aligned and meeting goals. The answer is marketing automation. Marketing automation is different to CRM, in that it guides the process of generating interest by means of campaigns while CRM tracks sales and sales opportunities and manages the ongoing customer relationship.

Marketing automation tools are used to map, guide and document your customer’s ongoing interactions with your brand. Having a handle on such tools leads to minimising tedious or repetitive administrative tasks that fall on the shoulders of your team, so that they can focus on what’s important – customer engagement. It’s a path to success that improves efficiency and nurtures the customer journey. It also optimises the best outcome for multiple possible scenarios that your customer could go through.

For example: does your potential customer first do a Google search, then visit your website, then visit your social media, then like a post, then sign up for your newsletter.

OR do your potential customers first see your social media post, then visit your website, then Google search your competitor?

There are many paths a customer can take that will lead them to your brand and marketing and sales teams must be aware and act with intention when they engage the customer on each step of that journey as well as afterwards to nurture that relationship and turn them from simple paying customers to ambassadors and lovers of the brand.

There are multiple platforms available to help any business with their marketing automation needs, they do require a bit of set-up in the beginning, but after being introduced to your team will streamline your workflow like you never thought possible. These are just three tools will give you a richer picture of your customer, so you know how best to serve them. There are so many more!

Helps you plan, launch, measure, adapt, and optimise holistic marketing programs. Giving every marketer the tools to connect with prospects, convert leads, nurture experiences, close deals, and evangelise customers for repeat business and increased exposure.

Easily capture, organise, track, and nurture all of your leads, automate your sales and marketing, and so much more. Offering automation tools make it easy to provide quicker follow-up, more personalised responses, and tailored marketing to segmented lists. 

A marketing software as a service (SaaS) platform designed to help businesses assess and automate marketing tasks. Offering software enables you to streamline and measure your marketing workflows for new and existing leads.

The introduction of new technology might seem overwhelming to some marketers but so many of these new strategies are simply repackaged tried and true methods for the new generation. There are ways to implement marketing automation tools and strategies in an analogue way. You’ll need a team of experts with passion know-how, like Nucleus Vision.

So be it with a dedicated team or self-guided and self-taught with the help of your favourite software marketing automation is a process that no marketer can afford to ignore. It’s a necessary tool for marketing success.

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