AI Image Generation Update: New Tech Gets Newer

Technology is progressing at a rapid rate! Just over a month ago we published a story called: Should Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Image Generation. We told you who the leader in advancing this technology is, and a few other companies who are trying their hand at it too. Now, a new player has entered game, but with a new perspective.

A quick recap: AI Image Generation allows you to input prompts into a platform and an image is generated just by the AI reading the words. But, a team at Tel Aviv University has identified a problem. They pointed out that, if you like everything about the image except one detail, it will be extremely difficult to change just that one detail as inputting a brand new text prompt will generate a completely new image.

This was a selling point for AI Image Generators, boasting multiple options from just one prompt. But, as marketers, brand managers and SME owners know, sometimes designers execute the brief with 90% success and we don’t want to change everything but a few small elements. The freedom to do this is imperative in our business.

So, the Tel Aviv University team developed the Prompt-To-Prompt – an artificial intelligence AI model that brings image editing capabilities to text-to-image models. This method that allows users to change elements as simple as the texture of the item in the image – from a bunny to a fluffy bunny – while keeping the rest of the graphic as is.

This might seem like just a small victory, because we know designers who can do this with ease.  However, teaching a machine to do this is a huge step forward with this type of technology. The digital landscape is changing, and it’s taking all of us with it!

Advances like this can mean a complete change in how our jobs are done, what our industry needs from us and how we engage our customers. Remember, if this is happening in the world, it’s something that all consumers will be tuned in to and they’ll expect their favourite brands to keep up with the evolving world.

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