Omnichannel Marketing Tools You Need To Know About

If you’re struggling to see results from your marketing strategies, consider this: are you optimising for immediate sales? Are you prioritising linear methods? Do you have a direct-response mentality?

If yes – that might be your problem. The industry is growing, changing, and adapting to a customer who is looking for a more authentic and personable experience, and Omnichannel Marketing can give them that experience. Customers are more likely to buy after interacting with a brand across multiple channels over time, so if you’re not making the most of all the channels available to you, you could be missing out on potential customer engagement.

Marketers, brand managers and SME owners should give their customers multiple brand-touchpoints, you don’t want a single opportunity to go to waste. From the ever-important email-list to the social channels like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, short form video on TikTok, long form content on YouTube, Spotify for your podcasts and your website for your blogs and articles – WOW, you’ve got a lot of platforms to manage.

So, why don’t you consider a platform where you can monitor and manage all your Omnichannel marketing efforts? If you have a marketing support arm like Nucleus Vision, your dedicated team will help you figure out which channels are best for you, the content you need to be putting out on each as well as a platform that will help you keep an eye on it all. Here are a few stand outs:

1. Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe is an industry leader. We know and trust the brand and are thrilled that their suite of products are growing with us as marketers and keeping up with advancements in the industry. With AI-driven capabilities, the Experience Cloud tools take the guesswork out of customer engagement, allowing marketers to create personalised experiences tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

Through their suite of integrated products, Adobe Experience Platform enables B2B and B2C brands to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences, create personalised experiences for them, and gain insights into how these experiences are impacting their business. Additionally, project management, analytics, e-commerce, and content management tools help businesses to have a holistic view of their customers and to optimise their experiences accordingly.

By delivering personalisation that resonates with customers, Experience Cloud helps brands achieve meaningful growth from effortless experiences

2. Oracle CX Cloud

Helping brands make every customer interaction matter by connecting all business data across advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, and service, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) offers a connected suite of applications that goes beyond traditional CRM.

Oracle CX’s suite of cloud solutions provide the data, analytics, and automation needed to build personalised, connected customer experiences. This allows companies to gain insights into customer behaviours and preferences and use these insights to tailor their services and marketing messages in order to create more meaningful relationships with their customers. Providing consistent performance and security, based on innovative technologies and robust capabilities should developers need to extend, Oracle CX is designed to be agile, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and market conditions.

From acquisition to retention, this tool helps marketers create extraordinary customer experiences across the entire business.

3. EngageBay

Discover new opportunities, convert visitors, and delight customers with EngageBay.

Marketing teams can take their strategies and objectives to the next level with their comprehensive set of Marketing tools, including (but not limited to) Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Template Builder, Landing Page Builder, Lead Generation tools, Social Suite. With tools like Telephony, Scheduling, and Gamification, you’ll be able to sell like a pro, and provide outstanding customer support with tools such as HelpDesk, Knowledge Base, and Customer Feedback Forms.

With EngageBay, you not only get a full suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools but also access to a completely free customer relationship management system. When used together, they’re even more powerful than when used separately.

By using EngageBay, your brand can connect better, resolve customer issues faster, and retain customers for life. Omnichannel Marketing is not a new idea but as technology advances and society changes the needs of our customers change, too. Keep up with them and the competition by working smarter and looking into these Omnichannel Marketing platforms that will help you integrate your efforts and really meet your customers where they’re at.

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