Challenge Accepted: Using AI For Learning And Play

As a Digital and Design Agency that aims to give marketers, brand managers and SME owners the tools for success, the Nucleus Vision team cannot ignore AI. Tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney are gaining popularity, and the global movement towards self-upskilling sees people of all ages and backgrounds banding together to help each other learn these tools that could shape our future.

So, the Nucleus Team had to get in on that action. And we set ourselves a challenge!


We envision a “mom-fluencer” passionate about shaping young minds and teaching her kids life lessons while entertaining them at the same time. This mom comes from a business background, so needs a lot of support when it comes to producing a purely creative product. But, that’s where AI and social media step in!


Our “client” wants to build her email list and thinks an incentive will help boost engagement. The team believes offering a free e-Book to all of those who sign up to her newsletter is just the ticket! We decide that we will use AI to create the book from start to finish!

But first, some inspiration… to TikTok!

We search this popular social media site for quotes and lessons and the idea starts to blossom. Our book will be about Peter Pencil and his adventures in ScribbleVille! Stories about resharpening, leaving a mark, erasing negativity, and staying true to your core all sync up with the writing utensil and its accessories. So far so good!

Now, to ChatGPT. Using our inspiration from social media and our ideas about Peter and his friends, Sammy Sharpener and Ernie Eraser, and a meeting with a fancy pen that reminded him that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s what’s inside that counts, we prompted ChatGPT to write four short stories with morals that young children will understand.

The exciting part comes next! Illustrations! Peter, his friends, and his beloved town ScribbleVille had to take shape. The team decided on Midjourney, one of the more popular generative AI tools. Just like we feed a prompt to ChatGPT and it gives us stories, we do the same with MidJourney but it gives us pictures. However, a slight hiccup!

Peter Pencil was not looking very “pencil-ly”. The AI had some issues understanding our descriptions of the character. We specified his demeanor and extremities, and of course, that he was a pencil. But outputs were either too literal, with not enough anthropomorphic characteristics, or too human with not enough whimsical pencil-like characteristics.


Here the team was put to the test! Even though this was a hypothetical client and an internal challenge this is a very real set-back that could be confronted. Perhaps with more time we could figure out Peter’s aesthetic? Perhaps we could bring in a professional illustrator? But we had to remember the brief. The e-Book is free, so our mom-fluencer should not spend too many resources on trying to create it, and we need to empower her to do it with what she has available to her right now. So, we pivoted! We needed to deliver for our “client”.

We decided to change the character and the setting of the book to something simpler – a friendly Fox named Finn, his wise friend Orla the Owl and his quest through the Evergreen Forrest, overcoming the Swamp of Sorrow, the Mountain of Doubt and even other animals like the Pessimistic Porcupine in search of the Golden Meadow.

Since there are many examples of these characters and settings in art and literature it’s much easier for an AI generative tool to design these types of characters in a shorter time.

The team turned to Discord – a communication app that is made up of every community under the sun – to crowd-source advice from others also familiarising themselves with MidJourney and how to make it work for whatever they need. We created our own server so as not to get mixed up with our work, and that of those trying to support us with their own ideas and creativity.


To recap, we used social media to be inspired with stories of success, we used ChatGPT to combine our findings into one educational yet entertaining tale and used AI generated images to illustrate that story. After some hurdles with AI prompts we changed direction, keeping the tone and theme of the story, but adopting new characters and settings who learned the same type of lessons. We even incorporated questions at the end of the story to make sure the little ones were paying attention and encourage them to share what they learned in their own words.

Challenge Accepted!!

The Nucleus Team are uncontrollably proud of what they’ve achieved in such a short time. We continue to be excited about advancements in AI and look forward to what this new tech can offer. We urge you to self-upskill and keep up with the progress as well, and if you need a helping hand, we’re just the Team you need! Let Nucleus Vision Digital and Design Legends teach you how to leverage all the AI tools entering the market today and in the future to help grow your business. Send us an email, today, so we can create a roadmap to success for you and your brand.

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