Case Study: WhatsApp New Year’s Campaign Short Film

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We can all feel the shift toward more emotionally charged narratives, even in digital and tech-centric spaces. Brands may increasingly recognise the value of weaving emotional connections into their stories to foster a sense of community and loyalty among users. WhatsApp’s campaign sets a precedent for digital platforms to embrace emotional storytelling as a means of not only showcasing features but also of cultivating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their users. As the industry continues to evolve, this campaign signals a path where the intersection of technology and emotional storytelling becomes a powerful conduit for brand-consumer relationships.


WhatsApp, a globally recognised messaging platform, has become an integral part of how people connect and communicate across the world. With a user base in the billions, WhatsApp holds a unique position in facilitating personal and business conversations, making it an essential tool for a diverse range of users.


The challenge for WhatsApp was to not only highlight the platform’s role in connecting people but also to tap into the universal emotions associated with the New Year. The goal was to go beyond the functional aspects of the app and emphasise the emotional connections that WhatsApp facilitates, especially during moments of celebration and reflection.


WhatsApp addressed this challenge by collaborating with esteemed director Niclas Larsson and cinematographer Linus Sandgren to create a compelling short film:

Narrative Excellence: The short film employed narrative excellence, weaving a story that resonated with audiences on a personal level. It focused on the theme of connections and showcased the varied ways in which people use WhatsApp to stay connected during the New Year’s festivities.

High Production Quality: The involvement of award-winning professionals such as Niclas Larsson and Linus Sandgren ensured a high production quality that elevated the emotional impact of the film. The use of cinematic techniques added depth and authenticity to the storytelling.

Diversity and Inclusivity: The campaign emphasised the diversity of WhatsApp users and the inclusivity of the platform. By showcasing different cultures, traditions, and moments of celebration, WhatsApp underscored its role in bringing people together, regardless of geographical or cultural differences.

Amplifying Emotional Resonance: The film strategically amplified emotional resonance by focusing on relatable and emotionally charged moments. Whether it was reuniting with loved ones, sharing moments of joy, or expressing support, the narrative aimed to evoke a range of emotions that mirrored real-life experiences.


WhatsApp’s New Year’s campaign short film successfully transcended the functional aspects of the platform and delved into the emotional fabric of human connections. By leveraging top-tier talent in filmmaking, WhatsApp created a piece of content that resonated with users on a deeply emotional level.

The success of WhatsApp’s short film suggests that users, amidst the digital noise, are receptive to emotionally resonant content that mirrors their lived experiences.

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