Case Study: TAG Heuer Carrera 6Oth Anniversary

As a brand that has been cherished by a certain type of audience, and coveted by all the rest, how do you make an impact after 60 years of what most will call “perfection”? If you’re a luxury watch brand famous for elegance and class, you hire the storytellers behind John Wick, of course!


TAG Heuer, a renowned Swiss luxury watch brand founded in 1860, has established itself as a symbol of precision, innovation, and elegance. The ultimate reference in luxury chronograph watches, TAG Heuer’s high-precision timing innovations have kept pace with the evolution of sports since 1860.  The company believes that victories in life result from the choices we make every fraction of second.


As generation Z enters the workforce established brands across all industries are facing a challenge. The generation who never knew a world without digital devices, streaming services or the internet approaches consumerism differently and the challenge for marketers is to engage with this new type of audience in a way that is authentic. TAG Heuer must stay true to their heritage while embracing the future.

So, a seemingly unlikely, collaboration was born.

Enter David Leitch, the filmmaker who (along with his creative partner) revolutionised action in Hollywood, twice. Cutting his teeth as a stunt performer and co-ordinator then making his directorial debut in one of the biggest action hits, which went on to become one of the biggest action franchises, the genre has ever seen – John Wick.

For TAG Heuer’s short film “The Chase For Carrera” – the tentpole of this new marketing direction for the brand, David will produce while Nash Edgerton will direct.


Though TAG Heuer pieces are built to last, and craftsmanship is a pillar of their brand, their marketing has always been delicate. Focusing on the opulence of the brand and gracefulness of the watches themselves. For their 60th anniversary they wanted to do something different. They would release a film that embodies the very spirit of the brand. So instead of the watches being the hero, the way the watches make you feel is at the centre of the narrative.

TAG Heuer would launch the short film at their 60th anniversary event and leading up to the premiere would be classic Hollywood style techniques like trailers, posters and behind the scenes footage of cast on set.

The result is a short just over 5 minutes long, that has amassed over 22 million views. The film has a generous dose of heartwarming humour, while still waving the TAG Heuer flag, of adventure and boldness, high.


Having a strong and clear brand persona is essential to all brands. Knowing your brand voice and always communicating in the tone and style that matches your voice and persona is important for building your customer base and keeping your fans loyal.

But, as nature teaches us, we have to adapt to survive. We never compromise our brand voice, but we must engage new audiences. And that’s what TAG Heuer did. They used their established persona to send a new message to an audience that might not have been aware of them but can still relate to the core of who they are.

Watch the short film here:

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