Case Study: Colgate And Massive Music Create A Sonic Brand Identity

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The Colgate Sonic Identity Campaign is poised to have a lasting impact on the marketing industry. Sonic branding is gaining traction as an essential element of brand identity, especially in a digital world where audio content consumption is on the rise. This campaign demonstrates the potential of sonic elements to reinforce brand recognition, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall brand experience.


Colgate, a global leader in oral care products, has been a household name for decades. With a strong presence in over 200 countries, the brand is synonymous with dental health and hygiene. Colgate has consistently focused on innovation to provide effective solutions for oral care.


In a competitive market, where products often share similar benefits, Colgate faced the challenge of differentiating itself and creating a lasting emotional connection with consumers. The goal was to develop a unique sonic brand identity that would resonate with consumers across cultures and languages, reinforcing Colgate’s commitment to oral health.


Colgate partnered with Massive Music, a leading music agency specialising in sonic branding, to create a distinctive sonic identity. The collaboration aimed to translate Colgate’s values, brand personality, and commitment to oral health into a memorable audio experience that would stand out in various marketing touchpoints.

Massive Music created a set of sonic elements, including a brand theme, jingles, and soundscapes. These elements were designed to be adaptable across different platforms, ensuring consistency and recognition in various contexts.

Recognising the global reach of the brand, Colgate and Massive Music worked on adapting the sonic elements to fit different cultural nuances and preferences. This adaptation process ensured that the sonic identity would feel authentic and relevant across markets. Colgate seamlessly integrated the new sonic identity across various touchpoints, including commercials, videos, social media, and events. By consistently using the sonic elements, Colgate aimed to reinforce brand recognition and emotional resonance.


The Colgate Sonic Identity Campaign, in collaboration with Massive Music, marked a significant step forward in sonic branding within the oral care industry. By creating a unique and adaptable audio identity, Colgate successfully differentiated itself from competitors and fostered a deeper emotional connection with consumers. The campaign’s success can be attributed to the strategic collaboration, global adaptation, and seamless integration across touchpoints.

 As the marketing industry continues to evolve, we can expect more brands to embrace the power of sonic branding to create a consistent and memorable identity that resonates with consumers across cultures and languages. The success of the Colgate Sonic Identity Campaign with Massive Music sets a precedent for the integration of audio elements into the broader marketing strategy, influencing how brands approach identity creation and customer engagement in the digital age. Learn more about it from Massive Music, here:

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