Why Do Marketers Have To Keep Up With Technology

Quite simply – because it will impact what we do, how we do it and who we do it for.

Previous articles have touched on a few remarkable advances in AI, before we check out a few more let’s recap.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technically the field of developing machines to behave in the same ways that humans do. It is a very broad category with a few subsets and components. When we say that a is computer capable of AI all we mean is that that computer, when put in a certain environment has the ability to perform tasks and react to stimuli the same way that a person would. The machine’s ability to do that, however, is due to a process called Machine Learning.

Machine Learning (ML) is the pathway to AI. It refers to technologies that feed computers, machines, robots and their software a specific list of tasks that the machine then uses to identify patterns, solve problems and perform tasks that it was instructed to carry out. The constant process of ML means that AI can improve itself and learn from previous tasks. Which means that whereas the set list of instructions had to be input by a human in order to initiate Machine Learning, the computer can now learn from what it’s done and learn how to do better through experience – again, just like a person can.

A word that has been on everyone’s lips since entertainment streaming services and social media marketing has been ALGORITHM. How do you hack the algorithm? Is the algorithm throttling your engagement? Creating algorithm-friendly content. This all has to do with Machine Learning.

The way that we teach technology how to get to know our customers, tell us what they need from us and how they want to engage with our brand is all thanks to ML.

Artificial Intelligence systems are created by applying tools such as Machine Learning, and here are a few others:

Deep Learning
This component of an AI system works similarly to the human brain, analysing data and making predictions. It is responsible for DeepFakes – an innovation in entertainment that marketers must keep their eye on. Our very first article gave some fascinating insights. Take a look at it here:

Computer Vision
In the AI system this component allows computers to understand images. Remember computers don’t have eyes and brains to interpret information like humans do. So engineers and developers have taught them to not only extrapolate information from what we would call visual input, but also create visual outputs. We spoke about that in our article about Dall-E, here:

Natural Language Processing
The same company responsible for the Dall-E, the AI image generator, has also developed ChatGPT. An AI capable of understanding language. Write anything to ChatGPT and it will respond just like your friend would, well, not “just like”. Though interactions with ChatGPT can technically be called conversations they lack the fluidity and spontaneity, and yes even “incorrectness” of human-to-human chats. But the technology is in its infancy, the company and the world are excited to see where these innovations will go.

AI is also advancing the banking, manufacturing and health industries, because just like us marketers, SME owners and brand managers, it all comes down to patterns. We have to be able to step back, analyse the situation, and predict what the next move of our target audience will be. So that’s why we need to keep up with technology, especially Artificial Intelligence systems and all of its components. Success in our industry depends on it.

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