What Does The Impact Of 4IR On The Workplace Mean For Marketing?

The first person to live up to age 1000 is likely to be alive today.

As a human being living in this wonderful world full of progress and opportunity that is an amazing sentence to read. But as a marketer trying to do the best for your brand and your audience what does that sentence have to do with you?

Well, it might not seem like it, but that notion is connected to The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 or 4IR. It’s the idea that the world is going to make a big shift that will impact all industries. For now, it means advances in bio-technology (related to the opening sentence) and artificial intelligence (AI) but closer to home for the marketer the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Systems are also making big strides. Basically, automation and data exchange are the name of the game. That means the way that people live, their lifestyles and experiences will change, which means the way that you communicate your brand to your audience will also change.

As a marketer, brand manager and SME owner you are pulled in two directions. You have to keep up these improvements internally because other aspects of your business operations will also have to upgrade to keep up with 4IR, and you will have to use the emerging technologies associated with 4IR to keep your customers, clients, and audience engaged.

But, you don’t have to compartmentalise. Thinking you have to separate the two closes you off to new perspectives. Instead of creating new content relating to 4IR and how your brand and the world needs to keep up, marketers can document what their business is doing internally. Not only will this show the world that your company as a whole embraces change and progress, it also gives your audience insight into your brand, creating a personal connection that we all crave, and leaves countless opportunities for content unique to your brand and your business.

It’s a win-win-win.

With 4IR many jobs will become obsolete as automation and AI make our everyday lives easier.  The Lump of Labour Fallacy says that because AI will take over so many jobs that will leave nothing for humans to do – not so! New advancements mean new needs and people will need to know how to fill those needs. That opens up a door for your company to start Upskilling Initiatives. Making sure that everyone in the business has the opportunity to contribute. Now, here come a world of opportunities. Internally your company won’t be afraid of 4IR, because you know that everyone has a place and a responsibility. Business wise, you can now offer new services that your newly upskilled staff can provide

For example, if you reach out to an agency that offers metaverse workshops and have expertise and capabilities of content creation for digital and social platforms, as a marketer you can partner with this team to upskill your staff while also documenting this training journey of the team every step of the way.

Before and After
How It Started VS How It’s Going
Staff Journal Entries
Community Contributions
Gamification of Progress Assessments
Renovations and Revamps of Reimagined WorkSpaces

These are all content ideas, and they can all work for you if you have the right team on your side who knows how to make it work. Using your knowledge of 4IR to simultaneously propel your company into the future and document that journey for a fresh perspective and unique content campaigns is not something you should rush or fall into without a clear goal and plan. A support system and clear strategy is essential.

Here is a quick recap of 4IR (under 4 minutes!)

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