What Do The Changes To The Adobe Suite Mean For Marketers?

In 2011 the minds behind Figma had a vision, that companies would redesign the way that they design. Now, the all-in-one design platform has succeeded in building design tools right into the web and has paved the way for real time collaboration and sped up workflows for the design of user interfaces, websites and mobile apps.

Around the same time in 2013 Adobe, the leader in creative software, launched Creative Cloud. A new model that saw users subscribe to gain access to a suite of software available online, instead of buying and installing programs directly to their computers. Of course, all apps are available and functional in offline mode but having internet access is an important part of the registration process and a valuable tool when it comes to organising workflows. Figma were the new kids on the block, whereas Adobe had been around the block. Both offering different types of users different types of experiences. However, recently, Adobe has acquired Figma, giving Creative Cloud users access to Figma’s special brand of borderless creative collaboration. But that’s not the only change Adobe is making.

The creative software giant has had a long-standing agreement with Pantone, the colour experts. Pantone creates and categorises colours. Designers everywhere communicate exactly which shade will bring their vision to life by citing Pantone codes, all of which were integrated into Adobe software, up until now.

Recently Adobe and Pantone have severed tie and Pantone has removed access to their codes. So, now, designers who have used Pantone colours in previous designs will see those colours replaced by black. A huge upset to the community.

As marketers, SME owners and brand managers who understand the importance of content to our engage with our audience and who work closely with designers on a daily basis these updates affect us as well. Will these two big decisions by Adobe see workflows, communication and project processes in need of re-evaluation? The answer may not be so simple.

If you’re running a team like a well-oiled machine, communication and honesty is the key. Do what you know best. Being averse to change is not an option, because progress will happen without your permission, you simply have to decide if you’re going to embrace it fight against it.

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