End Of The Year Case Studies – How Marketers Got It Right In 2022

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Everything that we have accomplished in our careers, social, and personal lives have been paved by great people who came before us. So, as marketers, SME owners and brand managers let’s see how our peers in the industry have taken how we do things to the next the level.

FCB Inferno: Dyslexic Thinking

The campaign was launched by Sir Richard Branson of the worldwide conglomerate Virgin group. In collaboration with global charity Made By Dyslexia and professional networking platform LinkedIn the campaign aimed to change the conversation around dyslexia.

Dyslexia is viewed, around the world, as a negative condition, but the campaign aimed to shed light on the fact that those influenced by dyslexia outperform neurotypical people when it comes to creativity, ingenuity, and communication. Sir Richard is in fact dyslexic and credits his unique thinking to his success. LinkedIn has added “Dyslexic Thinking” to their list of skills – for those professionals who wish to highlight their high aptitude for out-of-the-box vision and problem-solving abilities. As a result of the campaign 10, 000 people have added this skill to their LinkedIn profiles.

The term “Dyslexic Thinking” was added as an official term to Dictionary.com and Marketing Week called it a purpose-led campaign, awarding it the 2022 Brand Purpose Award.

Quiet Storm: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

If that title sounds familiar it’s because it’s a Christmas song, but this was not a December campaign – these ads ran in January! Quiet Storm creative agency hijacked Christmas for their client On The Beach, a short haul beach-holiday operator.

In the UK where On The Beach operates most people go on holiday in the beginning of the year, for them Christmas is not “the most wonderful time of the year”, their 2 weeks off to go to the beach is. So, that’s what the agency focussed on – speaking directly to the people who need the service.

The results were outstanding. High key message recall with 40% of people remember the benefits advertised in the campaign and spontaneous brand awareness rose from 16% to 25%.

Retroviral: Be You. Period

This campaign for menstrual hygiene giant, Lil-Lets, took home a handful of Prism Awards in June including gold for Reputation and Brand Management and Social Media and silver for Campaign of the Year. The campaign aims to help bust stereotypes and broaden representations around menstruation. “Be You. Period” is also the title of the spoken word lyrics of the advertisement which was penned for Lil-Lets by local poet, Puno Selesho. Puno is featured in the video along with menstrual health rights activists.

Build from insights gained from interactions received through a crowd-based platform launched by Lil-Lets this year the campaign is a continuing conversation. Dineo Ranaka, of local radio and reality TV fame is an active partner in this conversation, co-producing episodes of a series called Lil-Lets Talk covering lesser-talked about topics of cervical cancer and painful periods – delving into everything from pap smears and HPV, to endometriosis and PCOS.

These are just three of thousands of campaigns that made a difference in 2022. We are thrilled to see what 2023 will bring!

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