Does Your Agency Do This? True Support From Your Marketing Team!

The number one rule as a marketing manager, brand manager or SME owner is respect between you and your marketing team. Be it your in-house team, or if you have a specialised, outsourced marketing agency like Nucleus Vision. Respect and trust are earned during tough times and tight deadlines.

Respect means open and timeous communication. Giving everyone in the team enough time and instruction to execute their duties.


A Nucleus Energy Client is thrilled that pandemic regulations have opened up the opportunity to exhibit again. Nucleus, a digital design agency, has the expertise and capacity to design graphics for a clean and simple expo stand.

Because of additional pressures on our Energy Client, our Point of Contact got in touch with us, desperately in need of artwork to be sent off to the printers by close of business that day. Nucleus sprang into action.

When you’ve worked together long enough, like we have with this client, you build trust and get into a rhythm of effective communication. And it can become second nature to pull together under extreme circumstances to make some magic.

First, we negotiated an extension with the printing company. Again, our keen communication skills and long-standing relationship comes into play. The printing company agreed to extend the deadline to 8AM the next morning.

Which means that our team would be working through the night.

The call from our Energy Client came late in the morning. Briefing our Creative Director, Project Manager, and General Manager. The Client themselves did not have a clear direction, which is one of the reasons they reached out to us. The team had a quick-fire brainstorm. Being familiar with the client and extrapolating key words from their very simple brief, we expanded those ideas into broader concepts that can work as a THEME for our Energy Client’s exhibition stand. We were able to present FIVE possible directions for client approval.

By the end of the the day our Energy Client had chosen to explore TWO of those concepts and the team handed off to our creatives. Nucleus Designers and Copywriters collaborated on making a cohesive and narrative artwork that communicated the way our Energy Client positions themselves to their own client.

The teams were in constant communication until 11:30PM. Our Energy Client, now getting a clearer vision of what the final product should be, contributed essential reviews as our creative team worked and the artwork was approved just in time – for Load Shedding!

Nucleus Vision is based in South Africa, were rolling blackouts are the norm. Our creative team would be left without power from midnight, so another contingency had to be put into action. Thankfully we are TEAM of creatives. A second designer was called upon to take on the baton in this relay race. Using mobile data all necessary files were packaged and uploaded to our server and by 1AM our second designer would start working on Final Artwork.

Of course, we made our deadline of 8AM. Our Energy Client was beyond impressed and the Nucleus team were extremely proud.


Tight deadlines, rushed communication, and working through the night is not the norm. Part of a lasting relationship between marketers and their creative team is respect, and part of that respect is working far in advance to make sure everyone has the space to be their best. But when circumstances arise that we have be extraordinary, there’s no better team than Nucleus Vision to have your back.

Does Your Agency Do This?

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