Content Marketing: It Worked For Them, It Can Work For You

If you’re a seasoned professional, sometimes certain terms can throw you for a loop. As the younger generation is introduced to our workforce, we see a resurgence of old ideas repackaged for a new generation, or an old generation that has access to new technologies.

As a marketer, brand manager or SME owner – have you heard of Content Marketing? Maybe you’re familiar with the concept, but your team refers to it by a different name. Quite simply it means that you create content for a specific audience and distributing that content is your marketing strategy. The content is specific and relevant to a very particular audience (here last week’s Audience Profiler can come in handy) and a brand releases it consistently with the purpose of getting and keeping customers interested in you.

Today there are a number of ways to do this, but the focus is on online activities, especially blogs. Blogs that are optimised for SEO not only help boost your website ranking, but are an integral part of your marketing strategy. Proctor and Gamble, an American consumer goods corporation, did just that. The company manufactures baby, beauty, and personal hygiene products, but their content marketing strategy involved a blog targeted at pet lovers.

Even though the company was not best known for its pet products, they decided this was an audience segment they wanted to impress. They didn’t start a blog on generic hygiene practices or fluffy lists of “popular” products that are relevant to everyone, yet no-one, at the same time. They also didn’t choose a topic completely outside of their scope. They found a balance between what they knew they could do very well, and a segment where they could improve on their market share. And with a focussed approach, they found success.

Another tactic is to stay ahead of the game. Kraft is a foods manufacturer who was among the first in its industry to even have a website. And again, their content was not generic and impersonal. They did not say “here is our food, buy it.” Instead, they regularly posted recipes that needed their products as ingredients. Giving their potential customers value outside of their offerings, but also drawing those customers towards them by giving them a reason to engage with the brand.

Some goals to keep in mind when putting content marketing to good use are:

Brand Awareness
Nurturing Leads
Converting Leads to Customers
Fostering Customer Loyalty
Creating Ambassadors

Looking at success stories and implementing what other companies have learned while tailoring it to your own brand goals and service offerings is a sure-fire way to find success in your industry. This world is all about progress. We connect with each other, learn from each other, and boost each other up.

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