Audience Profiler: How To Define Your Target Market

You have an amazing product or service and there are people out there who need it and are waiting to buy it from you. But they’re not going to find you.  You have to find them.  That’s why you have to know WHO your audience is, in order for you to find them.

Every marketer, brand manager and SME owner needs to be an Audience Profiler – a skill that goes much deeper than just demographics. Consider movies and TV shows where the top FBI agent creates a complete picture of who the suspect is.  Why do they do that? So that the heroes can predict where their target will be next.

In your case, you need to know where your customer will be in order to serve their need. But being there is just one part. Why will a customer choose you over any other alternative – because you know who they are, which means you can connect with them on a personal level. Each element of your customer profile will influence and drive your communication. It will inform everything – from your captions, to the images you use, the platforms your brand interacts on and where and how you bring your brand to life in physical spaces like malls, shops and events.

Here are the key elements about your customer that you must know inside out.

Pain Points
These are specific external factors that cause your customers stress or discomfort. Influenced by their environment, their economic situation, or even aspects of their physiology that they perceive as a disadvantage.

Mind Set
How do their struggle with their pain points make them feel? And how does it affect their perspective and outlook on the world. What is their emotional state?

Whatever inner turmoil they are experiencing will manifest in how they act at home, at work and with loved ones. What do they typically spend their time and money on?

What are their long-, medium- and short-term goals for the professional, private and person lives?

Are they driven by financial success, personal connection or social status? What kinds of people do they listen to for advice? What kind of language do they respond to?

Happy Place
What do they do for themselves? How do they relax and unwind? What actions do they take to try and reconnect with themselves and their loved ones?

Now, together with traditional demographics (age, location, career, and salary bracket) you can use all of this information to find YOUR place within their world.

Knowing your customer’s pain points mean you can give them what they lack.
Knowing their mind-set means you can be sensitive to their emotions.
Knowing their behaviour means you can position yourself in the markets they are drawn to.
Knowing their wishes mean you can show them a life where they get everything they want.
Knowing their motivations mean you know how to get them on your side, you know who they trust and who the right people are to partner with to build that loyalty.
Knowing their happy place means you know where to meet them when they are feeling their best, and how to talk to them in a language they understand.

No matter what you offer, this Audience Profiler will help you get your message to the people. You can have multiple Audience Profiles that work for different products, different stakeholders (external or internal) and the different platforms your brand builds a presence on.

With all this knowledge at your fingertips you can’t help but find success when it comes to engaging with the right kinds of customers and meeting them on their level.

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