Add Some Magic To Your Marketing – Deepfakes And How To Use Them

Perhaps it’s not really magic, but this incredible science is tool we all need to learn to use. Using a machine learning method that has been around for a while but is being repurposed in exciting new ways is opening up possibilities in every industry, not just ours. Deepfakes are videos in which the face or body of a person is altered by using an algorithm to make it appear authentic. Through apps like ReFace, we already use it every day. Like all channels and media, it can be used for both good and bad. By using fake propaganda videos, the technology has been used to discredit people. However, the entertainment industry has really embraced this practice, bringing beloved actors back to life, or putting older characters in a time machine and bringing them to us today. Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker was first seen in 1977, the actor no longer has the same face, but his character appeared in the recent streaming show The Book Of Boba Fett seemingly unaged.

Why is it called deepfake?

Deep learning technology is a kind of machine learning that applies neural net simulation to massive data sets. This machine learning technology is used to make fake videos – Deep-Fakes.

What is deepfake advertising?

The use of deepfakes in advertising is something that is unravelling in real time with videos that produce an imitation of someone’s likeness, either their face or voice, being used in all sorts of marketing content.

How can I use it?

A good place to start is the Reface App. It is one of the most popular Deepfake apps on the Google Play Store, with over 100 million downloads. The free version does have a download limit and, as with most free apps, lots of advertising.


You’ve got the resources, you’ve got your legal and ethical permissions, you’ve got your creative team standing by, now how do you use deepfakes to further your brand goals?

1. Influencer campaigns

Every actor has their limitations, but if that famous face endorsed your brand, it would be nothing short of so cool. Deepfakes allow a recognisable face to do an impossible physical feat, or even speak a language that they don’t actually speak. In this video we hear nine different voices come out of one face. The face looks exactly like David Beckham, but it isn’t him – it’s a deepfake. Here is the example of this dynamic form of influencer marketing:

2. Explainer and training videos

Make interactions as personal as possible with your prospects, clients and even employees of the company. If you need to share knowledge or train a team but are uncomfortable on camera or have difficulty learning long chunks of information for a smooth delivery, consider hiring an actor and replacing their face with that of any top manager using the deepfake miracle.

3. Product demonstrations

Alternatively, you might be great on camera, but your customers might be shy. And we all know that testimonials can go a long way to build trust and increase credibility. With your client’s permission a brand ambassador can demonstrate the product and their face be replaced with the client’s. Describe your product’s value proposition using deepfake instruments in your demo videos.

4. Impossible Endorsements

If your brand is involved in an industry with a long history and there are giants and heroes of that field who have long passed but are never forgotten, using their images can also give your brand a boost. Imagine Lewis Carroll presenting the Alice in Wonderland app? Or Isaac Newton doing an introduction to a new physics institution? With the right permissions, what was at a time thought of as impossible is now a real reality.

5. Replace speakers on online conferences

Virtual conferences are popular because they are cost-effective and offer valuable content. Furthermore, while internet technologies enable hundreds of people to participate in online seminars, speakers can also use AI algorithms in their presentations. Actors aren’t necessary for every speech, but this approach can sometimes be very beneficial.


Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker in The Book of Boba Fett

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