How to do business with Nucleus

When you choose Nucleus Vision Digital and Design Legends to take your brand from Zero to Hero, our team is always grateful because even though there might be other agencies who claim to do what we do, we know you chose us because we share values such as honesty and integrity. And because we are working towards the greater good together, the subject of settling accounts must be approached with compassion and grace.  

As a truly global company with clients and team members around the world, the Nucleus team understands that we need to make doing business across large and small distances as supportive as possible. As we grow and learn new ways of serving our customers, these options will grow alongside us.  

Bank-To-Bank Payments 

A common and effective method of doing business today is Bank-to-Bank. We are all familiar with this method as we use these transfers in business and every day. Nucleus have enabled payments in four major currencies: USD, GBP, EUR and ZAR.  This enables both our local and global clients to simply and easily transact with us. Should any of our clients require specific currencies, we accept these requests and will work to accommodate them.  


For those clients looking for that extra layer of security between banks and merchants – PayPal is trusted and reliable. As one of the more well-known payment gateways, we are confident that having this as a payment option will cater to the needs of a majority of clients who prefer doing business on platforms like this one.  We have enabled invoice payments to – an effective way for accounts to be settled. 

General Information 

To this point, clients have been receptive to these two methods. Business is able to be run smoothly and our client relationships remain seamless. However, the question of Credit Card payments has come up and the Nucleus team are able to work to accept these requests. Our accounting system sends invoices that are easily and securely downloadable and upon request, clients can gain access to their accounts online by viewing Statements, Invoices and Quotes. 

Another exciting solution on the horizon is e-Commerce and Metaverse.  These platforms are currently being developed and we are thrilled about the progress. We will have multiple e-Commerce payment mechanisms (including PayFast) and accept the major credit cards – Diners, Maestro, VISA, Mastercard and American Express.  

We have state-of-the-art Accounting and Legal Support software, supported by Industry Experts ensuring inter-country payments, services rendered and questions surrounding VAT and associated taxes are compliant with the laws governing each country.  

Whatever project we do together, we aim to create magic. Enriching the lives of those we work with and those that they work with – open and transparent communication around all aspects of our partnership is of great importance. This is how we do business, and we are ready to do business with you! 

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