A six-check acquisition

With a mission of enriching lives and creating magic Nucleus Vision Digital and Design Legends knows we need a specialised, experienced, multicultural team of heroes to do just that. So, for a successful acquisition our strategic rationale could not be vague, and our team had to work smart to make sure we presented coherent value.

After systematic review of many agencies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and major players, we found our target company in The Agency Plugin (TAP). In software plugins are add-ons or extensions that add new and enhanced functionality to the host program. This design agency with a strong focus on speed and accuracy performed exactly that function, boosting their clients to the next level. TAP was the golden Six-Check-Formula.

The TAP team, led by Creative Director Anschke Duvenhage, were eager to take their business into the future. “After a successful few years of servicing brands, the time came for growth. Acquisition was the right next move. Nucleus was the right next choice. As we move from digital to immersive, we look forward to the next steps as we ourselves and our clients move into the next right direction.” says Anschke.

Nic Curle, Managing Director of Nucleus Vision was equally as excited about the next steps for both companies. “With TAP’s experience, wealth of knowledge and network, the acquisition made sense for Nucleus’ growth. What made this deal the best fit was definitely the cultural alignment between the TAP and Nucleus team,” said Nic.

In business we need to keep up with the changing world and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, spoke about our readiness (or lack thereof) for a global pandemic level event in a 2015 Ted Talk. In an effort to prepare the creative industry sought to, amongst other things, reassess the Agency Model. If the industry was headed towards excess capacity because of the possibility of the pandemic leading to a decline in marketers choosing to outsource their strategic and creative work, then we needed to get ahead of this. A Nucleus/TAP consolidation means that this excess capacity would be under control in our sector of the industry.

The success of this acquisition also came with the ability to reduce operating costs, which means steadily accelerating margins, cash flow and revenue growth can be forecasted. As innovative products often have difficulty penetrating the market the acquisition gave this digital marketing team increased opportunities for the market to embrace our modern and creative approach. That means we can now bring our pioneering solutions to more people who need them. And rather than spending time and resources separately trying to develop newer market-leading methods, compounding our assets and abilities would see to continued prosperity for the newly amalgamated team.

Being in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution means that many companies have the chance to grow while many more have done all the growing, they can and operate like a massive machine that, though extremely successful, has little room to scale. An important box to tick in the Six-Check-Formula is that room for growth that will lead to a high-value acquisition.

The process is very detailed and carefully planned out, all stakeholders are transacting with the utmost transparency and security. Though the Nucleus/TAP acquisition is by no means a “gamble”, but the big players all feel like we’ve bet on a winning horse. Knowing this organisation will make a grand impact and lead the way with disruptive solutions for an ever-growing and changing market makes us excited and optimistic for the journey ahead. Performance, Capacity, Market, Resources, Scalability and Direction. The perfect Six-Check Acquisition.

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